Lennons Witdulsies


Lennons Witdulsies 20ml

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Lennons Remedies

Do you remember your mum or day giving you Lennons products while you were growing up? Maybe you continued to use them as an adult, and you might have even given them to your own children.

Of course, there are similar products available here in New Zealand under different brands, but there is only one Lennons.

Now you can get the Lennons remedies you remember here in New Zealand. At Biltong Plus, we import Lennons products directly from South Africa, stocking them in our New Zealand shop. They are also available in our online store.

This means you can buy Lennons wherever you are in New Zealand as we deliver across the country.

So, if you want to try Lennons products again, buy from us at Biltong Plus today.

Lennons Explained

Lennons is a brand that includes a range of over the counter remedies. They have been popular throughout South Africa for generations and are used to relieve common conditions like wind, colic, stomach pains, and indigestion.

Lennons products are popular with many mothers in South Africa who use them to treat their children for things like colic.

Of course, Lennons products are no substitute for modern medicine and the advice of medical professionals. They have been used for decades, however, and many South Africans continue to trust them. They are part of South African life.

The Biltong Plus Experience

At Biltong Plus, we are proud to live in New Zealand, but we are proud of our South African heritage as well. Therefore, we decided to make the products that we remember from our time back in South Africa available here.

We work with manufacturers and distributors to bring authentic South African brands and delicacies to New Zealand. For some products, lead times and shipping can vary, but we work hard to ensure the products you want are always available.

We also work hard to continue to expand our brand, adding new products that you know and love, but which are difficult – if not impossible – to buy in New Zealand.

Benefits of Buying Lennons and Other South African Brands from Us

  • We have strong relationships with the best distributors and suppliers ensuring regular deliveries and the best possible prices
  • Our team is knowledgeable and friendly and is always available to answer any questions you have
  • We want you to get the South African products you know and love so if there is something you would like that is not in our range, contact us and we will do our best to source it from our contacts
  • Our standards of customer service are second to none, with excellent pre-sales and aftersales support
  • We offer speedy and reliable delivery across New Zealand


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