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Jelly Tots – So Much Flavour in One Little Sweet!

If you spent any of your childhood in South Africa, you will remember Jelly Tots. They were a mandatory sweet treat at any party, birthday, celebration, or whenever else you could convince your parents to buy you some.

In fact, whether you grew up in South Africa or not, if you spent any time back in the home country you will know and love Jelly Tots. After all, they are as delicious and tasty now as they were when you last had them.

We’re not just reminding you of your love for Jelly Tots for the sake of reminiscing. We’re reminding you because eating Jelly Tots doesn’t have to be just a memory anymore as you can buy them right here at Biltong Plus.

This is because we stock Jelly Tots. That’s right, now you can introduce your children to the sweets you remember from South Africa. Or, you can just keep them all for yourself!

We deliver across New Zealand too, so place your order today. You could be eating Jelly Tots in the comfort of your Kiwi home sooner than you think.

The Jelly Tots Experience

It’s always a good time to eat Jelly Tots – at least that’s what you thought when you were a kid. You might only eat them as a special treat now, but those soft and chewy sugar-coated sweets are still packed full of the sweet fruity flavours you know and love. Those flavours include:

  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Tutti-frutti

Did you also know that Jelly Tots are fat and gelatine free?

More importantly – did you know you can buy Jelly Tots right here in New Zealand. Just place a bag (or two) into your shopping basket to get closer to one of your favourite South African sweet treats.

Five Interesting Facts About Jelly Tots

  1. Jelly Tots is part of Tiger Brands, the company behind other South African sweet treat favourites like Maynards, mmmMallows, and Fizer.
  2. Jelly Tots were first launched in South Africa in 1968 so have been a favourite sweet for over 50 years
  3. Jelly Tots are consistently voted as one of South Africa’s top 10 sweets
  4. Over the years, several different characters were associated with Jelly Tots including a fireman and a nurse
  5. Mr Tots is the friendly face of your favourite sweet treat today

We should have added another to the list of facts above – the fact you can now buy Jelly Tots in New Zealand. You get the same sweet and fruity taste, but you don’t have to wait for a visit back to South Africa to enjoy it and you don’t have to wait for South African friends to visit here.

Instead, simply buy your Jelly Tots sweets from us at Biltong Plus. Start shopping today.

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