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Boerewors – So Much More than a Sausage

Boerewors are a type of South African sausage, but simply calling them a sausage does them an injustice. They are a specialised delicacy carefully made with strict rules determining whether products can be called boerewors.

Those rules include:

  • Boerewors must contain 90 percent meat
  • The other 10 percent of the sausage is usually spices as well as other ingredients
  • The meat must either be a combination of beef, pork, and lamb or a combination of lamb and pork
  • A maximum of 30 percent of the meat can be fat
  • None of the meat can be mechanically recovered

There are not many Kiwi sausages that would meet the above criteria, so boerewors are unique… well, unique for New Zealand at least. Back in South Africa, they are hugely popular right across the country.

Did you think that now you are in New Zealand, the only way you’ll get to eat traditional boerewors again is when you visit South Africa? At Biltong Plus, we have good news – you can buy boerewors right here as well.

We buy our boerewors from the best suppliers. Those suppliers make traditional boerewors, just like you remember them.

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Ordering Boerewors

We’ve made getting boerewors in New Zealand as easy as possible. Our shopping cart process is easy to use plus it is fully secure. We deliver across the country and our prices are competitive. Buy boerewors today.

Cooking Boerewors

Boerewors can be baked or fried in a pan, but most people prefer boerewors cooked on a barbeque – or braai. Grilling over charcoal is a popular cooking choice.

Customer Service and a Warm South African Welcome

Just because we are in New Zealand doesn’t mean you can’t experience South African hospitality when buying your favourite foods from back in Africa. So, not only will you be eating boerewors sooner than you think, but the customer service you get from our team will be second to none.

Five Interesting Facts About Boerewors

  1. The longest ever boerewors was over 1,557 metres long. It broke the Guinness World Record.
  2. Competitions take place all over South Africa every year to see who can make the best boerewors. Each creator keeps the exact ingredients of their boerewors a closely guarded secret.
  3. The name comes for the Afrikaans words for farmer (boer) and sausage (wors). So, translated directly into English, it means Farm Sausage
  4. While loosely based on the Dutch verse worst sausage, boerewors are unique to South Africa.
  5. Boerewors are common in other parts of Africa too, including in Mozambique, Namibia, and Botswana.

To find out more about the boerewors we offer, please contact us today.

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