Koeksisters – A South African Take on the Donut

Have you eaten koeksisters before? Maybe you lived in South Africa or have visited the country and picked up some koeksisters from a street market. They are a common and popular choice in markets across the country.

Maybe you haven’t tried koeksisters yet but have heard about the food from your South African friends or family members.

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What Are Koeksisters?

Koeksisters are a sticky, crunchy donut sweet treat that is popular across South Africa. More specifically, they have a crunchy outside crust with a sticky, almost liquid syrup sensation in the centre.

The flavours come from cinnamon, ginger, and lemon, ingredients that are often included in the dough. Before the dough is fried it is braided, giving koeksisters its instantly recognisable appearance.

Once the dough is made and braided it is then fried in oil before being cooled in syrup. This infuses the syrup with the dough and gives koeksisters its truly indulgent taste.

What about the name koeksisters? It comes from the Afrikaans word koekje which is usually used to refer to cookies or cakes.

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Koeksisters and South Africa

If you have never been to South Africa it can be hard to describe the extent of the popularity of koeksisters. They are available everywhere and are one of the most common sweet treats and desserts available.

There is even a festival which takes place every year to celebrate koeksisters. It occurs in Orania on the Northern Cape and is also the location of a koeksisters statue.

Koeksisters are a popular food to have at the end of a relaxing Sunday, although in South Africa you can enjoy koeksisters on any day of the week.

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