At Biltong Plus in Wellsford, the girls rule!

Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Then the Boys, yes we love and need them too…

Dominic, Baylee and Roelof our three part timers make weekends not only possible but fun. Our boys are not afraid of hard work and even the Kiwi’s have started learning the language. You will hear them calling mother hen

Jaco is our behind the scenes man. Hardly seen or heard he is always on call to help with problems big or small. He is one of the pioneers of SA shops in NZ and brings with him knowledge that only comes through experience.

With the combined efforts of our very capable team we not only have the largest physical SA Shop in NZ but also ship nation wide.


Esmeralda our Sister. With her soft heart, kind smile and love for food, she is the glue that holds us together. From keeping an eye over the boys and filling in for mother hen, to coming up with new ideas and managing the place in our absence, there is nothing that Essie cant do.


Marisa the "Boss Lady" or so she thinks - with 10+ years experience under her father's wing, Biltong is in her blood. Branching out on her own, she brings with her passion for SA animals and culture which can be seen in the intricate details of the curio/arts display - each item hand picked for the store.

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